Bilete Un.Party // Rhapsodic - 31 mai - 2 iun - Centrul Regional de Excelență pentru Industrii Creative (CREIC)

Un.Party // Rhapsodic

Centrul Regional de Excelență pentru Industrii Creative (CREIC), Cluj-Napoca

vineri, 31 mai - duminică, 2 iunie

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


We all dream of Summer, as the air becomes hotter and the days get longer, surround yourself with joy and music coming from everywhere around us

Do not let your spirit get caught up in the stress of modern living, and get carried away by the techno rhapsodies created to relax your soul; as they are written without a formal structure, rhapsodies are a way of expressing the emotional excitement that lays in all of us.

Our playground that we prepared for you is a campsite near Cluj, stretching out at almost 30.000 square meters, waiting for you to discover all of it, along with more surprises to come.

Witness the beginning of Summer with us for two nights straight and become flooded with tunes of happiness, dance until the sun comes up, and then dance some more.

● Line up ●

(alphabetical order)

Crihan ⁃ Emi ⁃ Faster  ⁃ Janeret ⁃ MiHigh ⁃ Mistor ⁃ Pa Lee ⁃ Pavlov ⁃ Piticu ⁃ RQZ ⁃Varhat

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