Bilete Mr.Bison // King Solomon // Halocraft - 4 nov '19, ora 19:00 - Quantic

Mr.Bison // King Solomon // Halocraft

Quantic, București

luni, 4 noiembrie '19, ora 19:00

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Mr.Bison // King Solomon // Halocraft

 MR. BISON is a Powerfull Heavy Rock Psych Blues Trio formed by:

Matteo Barsacchi (Guitar/Vocal)
Matteo Sciocchetto (Guitar/Vocal)
Matteo D’Ignazi (Drum/Sound Effect/Vocal)

In a few years Mr Bison established themselves as one of the most exciting combos in the game, that’s a fact. After “We’ll be brief” and the critically acclaimed “Asteroid” , which got them on the genre's map, a U.S.A tour, dozens of gigs in the Italian peninsula, opening concerts for DANKO JONES, RED FANG, MONDO GENERATOR, KARMA TO BURN, MY SLEEPING KARMA, and many more, and a packed Europen tour, Matteo Barsacchi (guitar, Vocals) and his fellow "bluesnauts" Matteo Sciocchetto (vocals , guitar) and Matteo D’Ignazi (drums, sound effect/vocals) are back with the new HOLY OAK. The band keeps its own atypical lineup, isn’t a classic trio guitar drums bass … in addition to the skin they have Two guitars that together creating a massive wall of sound where the listener may not hear the absence of the bassguitar. Imagine being on an overloaded black van on the roads of the Big South, playing nothing but early 70's legendary acts like the almighty Capt Beyond, Orange Utan mixed with one of the most powerfull band of our days, Motorpsycho. 

The story begins in early 1970, when rock’n’roll… Scratch that. Electric groove rock trio, King Solomon, is not another band, with absolutely no members whatsoever from RoadkillSoda, Damage Case or Crossbone.
With a live performance that includes their heavy yet infectious grooves and stream of consciousness approach to improv jams, King Solomon is the fresh new good-looking face from the local music scene.
Their debut record was released on june 4th, 2019. 

Halocraft is a post/hardrock band created in the beginning
of 2014 in Giannitsa, Greece. They blend hard rock rifs with post/ambient auras to achieve their own unique style . The bands first EP album titled The city in your eyes was released during the summer of 2016 and their second EP album Chains for the sea during the summer of 2017 .

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