Bilete /FORM Days - Music & Arts Festival - 30 iun - 3 iul - Comuna Gilau - Cluj

/FORM Days - Music & Arts Festival

Comuna Gilau - Cluj, Cluj-Napoca

30 iunie - 3 iulie

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Long story short, /FORM Days is about Music. And about Arts. Music + Arts = Love = /FORM Days.

Passenger este primul headliner reconfirmat pentru /FORM Days 2022

We are celebrating this everlasting love story in the middle of nature, on the domain (Gilău, Cluj County), between 30 iun-3 iul 2022.

And we need you. We need you to disconnect from your daily routine and reconnect with the great outdoors, with your friends, with your favourite music and with amazing art. We need you to leave the city behind and let us show you a hidden oasis that has always been right next to you, but just did not know about it. We need you to take a moment and think that you can have everything you need for 4 days and just be happy. Why do we need you?

Because arts look better with you.

Music sounds better with you.

/FORM Days feels better with you.

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